Health and Ketosis info

Health and ketosis info This video is with Dr. Jeff Volek discussing a broad overview of ketogenic diets and their effect on the body. Excellent information. The Many Facets of […]


A handy little chart of the difference between Bourbon, Scotch, Irish & Canadian Whisk(e)y. Very handy.   I wish to hell I could remember were I found it.  

Losing Weight

One of the things I’ve gotten really interested in the art & science of losing weight. As time marches on, the science of how weight is gained and lost has […]


A yard I started to clean up… I had to get into a garage to help with a project and the doors hadn’t been opened in several years. It’s an […]

It’s Latte

No, it’s not. Bed summons, but before tomorrow at this time, the Raspberry Pi will be exercised. Don’t forget Code Camp this weekend!