I bought a new e-bike

Picture of 2022 Orbea Rise H-30 electric mountain bike in glitter anthracite/glass black.  My new ride.

I bought a bike.

It’s more expensive than my first car; than my first several cars. I feel really guilty and nervous about that.

It’s an E bike. An Orbea Rise H30 in Glitter Anthracite/Black Gloss. It has an electric motor to help push up hills. It’s also a cross county, trail bike for riding hills and dirt and anything you find- far more bike than I need. But I got it on sale!

It’s a great bike; that I stretched and made excuses to buy because it’s pretty and amazing and far more than I need- maybe I’ll grow into it’s capabilities but then again at 56… am I growing into anything anymore?

Maybe this is my mid-life crises bike. The sports car of my twilight.

A friend said to me something that really hit hard and that I think about all the time.

“Look how old we are. We have 20 summers left to do stuff- to have adventures. 20 years.”

Ouch. Far more years behind than in front and those behind were not great.

Do we keep doing that or do something different?

I think this bike is my part of doing something different. I love riding in the woods; love trail riding; but my knees hurt and I have no strength anymore to accomplish this crap. Thus the e-bike. It can help power me through when my legs run out of gas.

I still want to be young. I want to run in the woods, ride for miles, see the sunlight filter through trees during all the seasons, I’m hoping the bike can help get me there.

In researching the bike I read so many reviews and so many were “I’m in my 60’s or 70’s and I haven’t been able to do what I want but this ebike lets me get back out there and ride like I was younger.”

And that’s the bottom line.

I first test rode a Specialized Turbo-Tero 5. It was fantastic except it was a large frame so too big for me, and it was five grand. Way too much for a fucking bicycle. But oh god was it fun to ride. I cannot remember a ride feeling that fun, that alive, that exciting just riding a bike. The hills around me faded away as the power kicked in and I climbed so many hills. Taking off from a stop sign was effortless and less terrifying than on my old bike because of how fast I cleared the intersection. I came back to the shop with the biggest smile on my face. I don’t ever remember smiling that much with any ride. Ever.

So that really began my search.

I need a different life. 20 years left. Yet every stinking day is borrowed time and a weird gift. So many die at my age and I’ve had some health challenges already. Literally on borrowed time- how the hell do I make the most out of this?

The bike is part of that.

When I rode it, everything felt good- not as good as the first one, but good boost, good hill assist- this will be fine. When I got it home, I discovered it had 2 rider profiles- one for low assist and minor boost- just to extend the battery as far as possible while helping. But the 2nd profile uses all the power of the motor and may reduce length of battery life but holy shit- it’s as fast as that first bike to power up hills! I cannot fucking wait to take it out!

It’s literally winter now- snow flurries in the morning, near freezing temps all morning long and I cannot wait to go ride. I pulled out my cold gear that I haven’t used in years; bought a new pair of cold weather gloves, and I cannot wait to go. Just for the chance to feel young again. To feel the wind and feel cold but warm to feel fucking alive. Can’t wait.

This bike is my mid life crisis escape. I hope it’s everything I dream it to be.

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