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On the debate stage- trump vs. anyone. It’s just another damned presidential debate that won’t matter. Trump will huff and puff; he’ll stalk the candidate and all of his statements will make no sense but none of that will matter.

40% of the audience cheers at whatever dribbles from his slack jaw.

But it’s time for closing statements. The unknown challenger goes first.

It doesn’t matter.

The election is already decided.

The Russians already have control of all electronic voting machines. The Chinese have been running hundreds of thousands of social media ads for months. Did you think all of Ivanka’s trademarks in China were free? The election is in the bag for the autocrat and his family. Amerika has finally fallen. It’s just a formality at this point.

But tradition has it that each “candidate” can have a closing statement.

The nation watches in a numbed stupor. Is this really a thing anymore? When are reruns of The Apprentice back on?

The Unknown Candidate steps forward, leans on the podium and ignores their notes.

They start speaking about history, about the country. They speak about how their relatives came as immigrants. They talk about their community, their family and friends- people from around the world who came here throughout history to find something magical that no where else has. All of them, immigrants across hundreds of years; from the mayflower to the trunk of a ’59 Buick; people who came here to be free and live the American dream.

The Candidate launches into a diatribe against Make America Great Again.

“Millions of people yearn to be here. They defy cartels, hit squads, gangs and death itself to make their way here because America is already great. They know it. In tiny third world countries with nothing, they know America is great. A beacon for freedom and hope across the globe and across time. They bring their children on dangerous journeys in the prayer for something better. The danger to get to America is worth the risk. They know America is the land of wealth, of riches, of hope and a better future. People from “third world shit-holes” know this county is already great. Why don’t YOU know that? Are you blind?

I tell you what. (Staring directly into the D’s face) When I am elected President I am going to prosecute you for every crime, for every abuse, for every violation of every law. I am going to prosecute your children, your associates, your business partners, your political appointees, your personal lackeys. I am going to take away all of your real estate. You will forfeit all of your ill-gotten gains since you started your life of crime 50 years ago. I will drag you in front of the Hague to answer for your crimes against humanity. Your name will be a stain forever on this republic.

But… if you concede right now, on this very stage in front of the country I love and the world, if you concede now and give up the position of the presidency, give it up with no hesitation or caveats, I promise in front of the world to not prosecute you for your crimes against the country and against humanity. You will live the rest of your miserable life in peace.

You have until the end of the debate to decide.”

The D stares silently into the bright lights and the stunned audience.

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