Movies to Watch

A brief list of movies for Al and his lovely bride to watch in no particular order of importance.



The Lego Batman Movie-Comedy Action

The Lego Movie-Comedy Action

Split-Thriller/mystery horror.

Logan- The Noir Edition- Action/drama

Hacksaw Ridge-war/action/

Children of Men – Dystopian Thriller

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-Comedy Thriller

The Accountant-Action thriller

Whiplash- Drama

Interstellar- Drama / Action

The Nice Guys – Action Mystery Comedy

Central Intelligence- Action Comedy

GLOW- TV Show- Action/Comedy/Drama

Westworld- TV Show- Action/Drama/Thriller

The Salesman- Drama (Foreign Language)

The Hunted- Drama

The Big Short- Drama Comedy

Get Me Roger Stone- Documentary



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I am an older geek who has a deep, abiding fascination for all things shiny and new, but also a deep, abiding respect for all things shiny and old. Or just old. And not always shiny.

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