Podcasts I’m currently listening to:

The Peter Attia Drive– Science, health, well being, anti-aging. One of the few podcasts out there that make me feel significantly unintelligent. Deep dives into all sorts of topics filled with detail. Amazing information and very approachable. But not a quick listen- they can range from an hour to over three. Very worthwhile.

Stay Tuned with Preet– Former Southern District of New York prosecutor who was fired by Trump. It covers politics, criminal justice, and so much more.   He’s humble, intelligent and his ethics are beyond reproach.  A great way to catch up on whats going on in our Federal Government.  This guy should run for president or at the very least, he should be Attorney General.

Human Performance Outliers with Shaun Baker and Zack Bitter– A little less polished than either of the others, but excellent perspective and information.   Focused on Health, fitness and being a carnivore in our grain based society.

The Tim Ferris Show– Kind of the grand daddy of podcasts that covers a huge range of topics. Deep, informative and very worthwhile.

Two Keto Dudes Podcast– Entertaining, great recipes and incredible information about living with the ketogenic diet.   I personally like the earlier podcasts with Richard and Carl, but hey, it’s all worthwhile.

The Paleo Solution with Robb Wolfe- More health and fitness in an entertaining and information laden format.

Stem Talk- more science.  Deep.  Informative, educational & very entertaining.

Low Carb MD Podcast– can you see a pattern here?  A couple of docs who’ve lost a ton of weight themselves who both support putting their patients on low carb diets because they work.   Great information.

The Obesity Code Podcast with Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos. In depth stories of people from their Intensive Dietary Management program who’ve changed their lives and health through intermittent fasting and low carb diets. Very in-depth and informative and sometimes pretty emotionally moving.

This is just a start.  You can see I don’t listen to a lot of other really excellent shows- especially ones that are more story type formats.  I use these as just a way to keep my brain active and to learn new info.  It’s like a mini PhD. course online.

More to come!

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I am an older geek who has a deep, abiding fascination for all things shiny and new, but also a deep, abiding respect for all things shiny and old. Or just old. And not always shiny.

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