Well that was silly.

The offending image:


To fix the header issue on this site, no matter what I tried, I could not get the default picture to reload once I had any other images in the gallery.

I activated other themes, deleted the Alizee theme I was trying to fix.  I would download it fresh and reinstall… and still no header image.   I deactivated the theme and deleted it through the file manager of the site… reinstall and still no luck.   No header image.


How to be smarter than the theme…


Reinstall Alizee theme.

Go to File Manager in site control panel.

Open theme folder.  Browse to Alizee, Browse to images.

Open header image.

Save to disk.

Open WordPress control panel.

Go to media gallery.

Upload header image to gallery.

Activate Alizee theme.   Click Customize.

Go to header view.   Choose header picture in gallery.

Save and publish.


IT WORKED!!!!!   Hoooray!


Good lord.


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