We’ve a democracy if we can keep it

So you won’t vote for Biden because he’s “ignoring the left”. Think about this.

The republicans have spent the last 4 years packing every court they can with ideologues who are unqualified for the sole reason to sway the court system to the right.

If trump wins the presidency in 2020, they can pack the supreme court to a 7-2 majority.

What does that mean in practical terms?

It means liberal causes… let alone progressive causes, are officially dead.

Our party, our beliefs will be extinct.

They will never be enacted in your lifetime.

Every law is going to be decided by the judicial appointees of the federalist society. Every vote & every act of congress will be challenged and end up in court to be decided by evangelical judges and an alt-right supreme court.

No medicare for all. No student loan relief. No living wage.

But that’s just their cream on the shit shake.

Forget about social security; forget the post office; forget medicare; forget medicaid; forget SNAP, forget abortion and planned parenthood, forget the environment and clean energy, forget privacy, forget the constitution, forget any federal help for the poor.

Remember all those programs from FDR & Eisenhower that helped create a middle class and kept the elderly & infirm from being destitute?

All of it will be gone in under 4 years.

That’s what you’re voting for this time.

This is it. Literally.

After 2020, we will either be a democracy that values people or we will officially slide into being an evangelical, authoritarian dictatorship. They’ll have the courts and the presidency and that’s game over for any cause that’s not backed by the religious right.

They’re a plague and we’re about to be over run.

So sure. Vote your protest conscience. Give the country to those bastards.

But don’t come crying to anyone when the only way to throw off their abuse becomes picking up a rifle. We are on the verge of a very ugly, very destructive period of time and everyone’s vote counts almost like never before in history.

We’ve a democracy if we can keep it.

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I am an older geek who has a deep, abiding fascination for all things shiny and new, but also a deep, abiding respect for all things shiny and old. Or just old. And not always shiny.

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